The Reef Palm Springs


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The Elegant Bastard:   $14

This is what you get when you combine

Don Q Rum and Gin with a touch of ginger.                                                      

Hot Hula Hibiscus (Hot)  $10

Hibiscus syrup mixed with Sino 

Jalapeño tequila.

Mod Tai:                                 $10

A lighter take on the Mai Tai, with a combination 

of Don Q Gold and Anejo Rum.

Mai Tai                                     $11

The classic mix of dark and light rum with orgeat 

and fresh lime juice.

Palm Springs Punch:            $10

Three Sheets Spiced Rum mixed with TLC, as well as exotic juices. 

Dark & Stormy:          $12

Weather the storm with a mix of dark rum, ginger beer and a hint of lime.

The Reef Daiquiri:     $12

A spin-off of the classic Daiquiri with a floral aroma.

Well Cocktails $7.00 plus tax

House Wine $6.00 plus tax

Beer: $7.00 plus tax

Soda: $3.00/Ginger Beer $4.00